A Tale of Two Managers (The Reality of Up and Coming Leaders)

This is a tale of two managers.  One committed suicide; the other young up and coming leader is helping a 79 year old business man learn to use Facebook.

Millennials are 41% of the current workforce.  By 2030, they will be 75% of the workforce.  If you look at yourself and those of other generations, we may point our fingers at millennials for being different, yet we have taken on many of their characteristics.  Most of this has been good, although some of it is problematic.

One of the most exciting opportunities that we see right now is that different generations are helping each other and learning from each other at a rate never before seen.  For example, one of our clients is 79 years old and is getting coaching from a 20 year old young lady on how to run his Facebook page both for business and personal results.  The millennial, in turn, is learning how a business runs and also the values of the older generation.


In a more negative aspect, shallow relationships and suicide rates are climbing amongst the younger generations.  Recently, a millennial jumped to his death from a highway overpass that resulted in his death, a large traffic accident, an additional death and many injuries.  He was in great pain and was not considering the consequences of what he did in that moment or what it did to his family later.

From a business standpoint, this is also very telling. Before meetings begin, all generations have a tendency to be on their phone and disengaged from others in the room.  In “the old days” people would talk about other issues, their personal life, etc. and bond together as a team; now there is a great deal less of this type of interaction.  In Starbucks, it is hard to make eye contact with anyone since most everyone has a screen of some sort in front of them.

When we work with up and coming managers and leaders, we find many of them care a great deal.  They have a lot of heart and strength, which can cause them to be incredibly loyal to the business.  These rising leaders do not have some of the basic management and leadership training that used to give a base to up and coming people in our organizations.  They are not getting the coaching and mentoring to bring the best of all the generations and all the walks of life they encounter.

For that reason, we have developed a program that is not training, but rather a real-life, results based coaching and facilitation where up-and-comers learn how to more effectively handle the actual issues they are involved in right now.  It is interactive edutainment where we use videos, role-playing, exercises, discussion, games, worksheets and reading to create an experience where they don’t just know what to do, but actually perform at a higher level using new tools every day.  Many of those in our program are excited by the fact that this structure allows them to not just be better managers and leaders, it also improves their personal life.

Our program includes these three main aspects:

Values Change:  leaders must begin to value how to become great at teaching and motivating those around them to see a different perspective, another way.  They need to craft depth into relationships for their own development and those around them.

Better Manager:  Using boundaries, mental models, time, energy and existing resources, leaders need to ensure that short and intermediate term projects achieve success that is sustainable without needing them so involved.

Focused Leader:  These rising millennials must learn how to bring both organizational and individual vision and context that motivates those around them to go beyond where they are today into deeper relationships, improved results and an enhanced future over the next 2 – 3 years.

Through one of our Initial Assessments, we can design a course using our 300+ modules that fit what your up and coming manager’s and leader’s needs.  We will bring them the confidence to cause the behavior changes needed to go from where you are now to where you want to be…as individuals, as a team and as an organization!

Questions to consider:
  1. Who are your up and coming leaders who are ready to advance to the next level?
  2. Are you recruiting the next generation and speaking their language?
  3. Are your leaders motivating the troops? Do they share and celebrate the successes and analyze the failures?

Call us at 800-786-4332 to discuss how to decide if the timing for exploring this path is right for you!

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