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In order to create a successful business you have to have a great product or service, an intelligent, dedicated team to support you and a way to get in front of the right people to spread the message. If you are looking for a shortcut to getting noticed quicker you may consider creating a shtick. The shtick doesn’t have to be brazen and bold, but it has to be memorable to work, something people will not forget.

In a business meeting recently, the speaker mentioned an old boss that he worked for over 35 years ago. His boss used a shtick to communicate the company’s values to the employees. He would carry a silver dollar in his pocket and he would give it to you if you could tell him what PRIDE mean (e.g. R for responsibility, D for delivery). This regularly reinforced his value message in a fun way to the employees and they never forgot it. Other examples include: a businessman that attended marketing events and handed out popcorn; another used the ‘sundown’ rule, his policy was that every day before the sun went down every customer should know exactly where every project is at (externally) and every internal customer should know the status of every project or initiative.

As much as we market outwardly these other ideas, like shticks, help us market and brand internally as well.  Shticks, along with reinforcement of actions or beliefs, are something that can be easily communicated to employees and clients in a fun and memorable way.

We highly recommend you getting a shtick and using it internally with your employees and externally with customers. This will enable you to communicate information quickly to employees and customers that they will remember and hopefully repeat to others. Before you develop a shtick, you need to know who you really are as a company.

Some questions to consider:
  • Do you, as a company, know who you are?
  • What is your Shtick?
  • What would you like to be known for?

If your organization needs help defining who you are or developing your purpose, mission, and values, contact our expert guides at 800-786-4332 or email It only takes 30 minutes to get started!

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