Finding Your Purpose

We heard a comment recently from someone that having to look for your life’s purpose was sad.

On the contrary, it can be very exciting. Early on in life, we may accept other people’s goals for our own; we may take advantage of an immediate opportunity and hang onto it for too long; or we may deal with an immediate problem in a way that takes us off course. By the same token, if we keep learning and maturing, our purpose gets clearer and more refined as we mature.

Most leaders starting out in business have a purpose of making money to survive.

Then it was a better standard of living.

Then it was to work with people.

Then it was to be a good business owner.

Then it was to be and work with good people with moral values and long term goals.

Then it was to work with business leaders.

Then it was to work with and help leaders and their teams.

Then it was to have a better life

Then it was to help others have a better life.

Our organization’s purpose is to be guides that embolden others to follow their path into the unknown.

This pursuit of what our purpose is has helped to guide, challenge and motivate us. The same holds true for our clients of 10, 15, 20 and even 25 years. They continually pursue who they are trying to become and causes a wealth of resources during the journey. These clients are the happiest, do the most good, and bring tremendous value to others.

Some questions for you to consider:

  • Do you and your leaders know the purpose that drives you and your organization?
  • What action plan do you have to help you along your life’s journey?
  • How do you keep your purpose in mind when in the thick of day to day challenges?

For more information on finding your purpose, click here.

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