Be Real to Be the Best

We have a client who is planning to become President of an association shortly.  We have worked with him, his business and his family for years.  He is a good man who cares about the community and is involved and giving with his time and many causes.  When we talked recently, we encouraged him to just be Joe Citizen: Joe Citizen with some of the job duties of being the President.  Why? We want him to look through the other end of the telescope.  Sometimes, it is necessary to play a role and do what is needed, but if we forget who we are in the process, the role gets flat; we lose motivation and then begin to wonder why we wanted to be in the position or role in the first place.

Most of our clients have passed through a “crisis of confidence” in their lives.  It may have been caused externally by a business threat or a divorce or internally, by a gut feeling or intuition.  The internal crisis is tougher since your troops and those around you may not understand.  Outsiders looking in look at the lifestyle, position, respect, wealth, etc. of a business leader think he or she “has it made”.  The outsiders believe they are living the American dream.

As humans, we long for more than just “things” or “distractions”.  We are only briefly satisfied with the last “acquisition” or “experience”.  We are constantly looking for more, for what is next, for what matters, for a purpose.  Maybe this is because we are tired, bored, or just need something new… You may not know now or ever but it is important not to do something crazy or irrevocable when you have “lost the faith” or can’t seem to find your way.

Begin looking at the roles you play and consider these questions:
  • Are you in your current role because it is what is expected or logical?
  • Ask yourself “what’s next?”
  • How can you be more authentic and, with candor, be the real you?

Stand up, find out who you are. Be unique, have passion and drive and a clear purpose. You can be the real you, yet mold the job, situation or goals to fit you and your capabilities. It may increase your risk. It will increase the challenge. But it will also increase the capability and impact you have on those around you in a positive, more powerful way and your passion for life will return.

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