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Effects of Team Dysfunction

In 30 years of experience, we have worked with great teams and mediocre teams, and we have also worked with the team of dysfunction. What we see with dysfunctional teams is they never even tried to accomplish. They talked and talked and talked…and did not understand what was possible. No action was ever taken – just excuses and protests were made.  They all longed for something to change. They protested. They provided no alternative to what they were doing now. […]

7 Signs Your Team May Be Falling Apart

Teams fall apart, but they are usually in incredibly bad shape before any dramatics occur.  Their bodies keep moving and their mouths are flapping but little else happens.  It may appear that they are still a team, but at some point, the team has already disintegrated.  Disintegration can occur with a loud bang or with a low pitched whimper. We saw this happen on a reality show the other day.  One of the judges made the comment “your teamwork was […]