About AVW’s Creator and Chief Guide

Don and the team at Applied Vision Works bring over 100 years’ combined experience, numerous certifications and multiple master’s degrees together to help you achieve your desired vision and goals.  This unique combination of abilities and expertise ensures your needs will be met, no matter how diverse they may be.  Read more about Don below, or contact us to get started with a brief 30 minute conversation.


Donald F. Hadley, CBC, CPC, MSM

President of Applied Vision Works, Inc.
(The Creator & Chief Guide)

As a business owner, thought leader and doer for over 35 years, Don brings practical “in the trenches” methods and tools for issues leaders and teams face today. He is “the faithful guide who emboldens others to live the unique story of their life”.

Don is the fifth generation of his family to be in private business, coaching leaders and teams of businesses, institutions, non-profits, and government bodies on how to best make their mark.

With the help of his editorial staff, he has published two books: The Journey to Meaning and The Challenge of Meaning. Doing written and video blogs with daily tweeting add to the library of wisdom. Don has also published hundreds of articles globally in trade associations, magazines, newsletters, white papers, and other publications. The Compass Check is the monthly newsletter featuring the most up-to-date ideas of this thought leader and his team.

Holding several degrees and certifications, he has:

  • B.A. Cum Laude from North Carolina State University
  • Master of Science in Management from The American College
  • Certified Kolbe Consultant from Kolbe Corp
  • Certified Business Coach and Certified Professional Coach from World Coaching Institute
  • Advanced Facilitation Training from Leadership Strategies

Don is also an Eagle Scout, model shipbuilder and world traveler whose goal is to visit every country in the world before he dies. He loves to read, chewing through autobiographies, fiction, analytical books, history, treaties at the rate of two a week. Being outdoors and learning new things from every walk of life is his lifetime habit.

Don’s Favorite AVW Tool: Download   The Audience Experience:  Knowing the audience that you are communicating with is the key to not only getting to their minds but also their hearts, which is the ultimate for obtaining buy-in and achieving success.

Don’s Favorite AVW Resource: Download   The Leadership Challenge Score Card:  As a leader of an organization that may not be reaching its goals, The Leadership Challenge Scorecard is a tool to help identify any immediate issues in order to begin taking action and driving results to a higher level.

To reach Don, please contact our office at 800-786-4332, or email him at DHadley@AppliedVisionWorks.com.