Draw a ‘Line in the Sand’ Before ‘Pulling the Trigger’

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At times leaders in organizations approach the difficult decision of possibly terminating an employee. These evaluations are not easy and before you make a final decision, you should make certain if the problem is the employee or the manager. There are techniques that can be used to turn the situation around. So before pulling the trigger and firing an individual, challenge them by first drawing a line in the sand.


To draw the line, use very clear language, tell the employee what you expect, where your boundaries are, dates you expect to see changes and remind them of the consequences if your requirements are not met. You cannot predict if an employee will rise to the occasion, snap out of poor behavior, or find the strength to have an honest and frank conversation unless you take a chance. You may not only save the employee but see them accomplish initiatives you have been working on for months. If the employee doesn’t accomplish the goals then you will know with certainty the decision made was the right one.

Some questions to consider:
• Are the expectations for the employee clear and achievable?
• Has the employee been properly trained and managed?
• Would the employee be able to contribute in another position?

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