Cycles, Spirals & Patterns: Oh My!

Many meetings we are in have a tendency to start with a great deal of data and information.  If the meeting does not go well, many times it is because there are lots of individual tactical observations of what the data means.  There is not a coming together or clarity of the patterns or themes at a higher level. Cycle

On the other hand, after being clear about the data and what it means, those that use their instincts to spot patterns or themes in a series of events in a relationship, business, product development etc. understand that this helps the best of us be great at what we are.

Reading Don Beck and Chris Cowan book, Spiral Dynamics, they comment:

“Tom Peters and the Tofflers are not alone in avoiding this difficult question…All beg the question – Why? It is as if we are blessed with elegant tiles for a mosaic but has no design. There are mounds of great ideas, insightful bits, and clever pieces, but no artist with a plan for turning the whole assortment into an elegant integrated picture and no grout to hold it together.”


What are we doing in our lives to bring all of our tiles together in a mosaic? As our clients mature, they seem to sense that their focus on their values (and the values of those around them) and the spiritual purpose driven reasons to wake up in the morning is the real fuel for their engine. Why do we get up in the morning and go out into the world? Without knowing what it is, how can we refuel?

  • Are you able to see the patterns of what are going on in your organization and your family?
  • How do you “bring it all together” in a way that others can understand?
  • Are you clear on and do you share your life purpose with other people?

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