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The truth is there is no BEST way.  Regardless of the type of training, there is no one way to do it and one size definitely does not fit all.  Each of us has an overwhelming need to be understood.  When it comes to teaching people and you desire learning and communication to occur,  we have found that working from the inside out and utilizing all styles of learning is the most rewarding and is critical to achieving the highest possible performance

What do we mean by working from the inside out? We mean being open and trying to step beyond the boundaries of what is familiar and routine to directly affect those around you.  Incorporating meditation and mindfulness can inspire your team and increase your effectiveness.  Being open and engaging the instinct to inspire others is essential to being a great leader and will result in a team that works smarter and harder to help meet goals.

When you are training or passing along critical information, utilize all types of learning to reach everyone on your team.  There are 4 types and they include:

  1. Visual       –Learn by seeing information in a visual format to understand relationships between ideas.  (Use charts/graphics, give visual representations of relationships)
  2. Auditory    –Learn by hearing information rather than reading it or seeing it.  (Give a verbal presentation, asking questions and receiving feedback, recite information out loud)
  3. Reading/Writing –Interacting with text.  (Use quizzes, time for them to write things down, present Handouts so they can read along.)
  4. Kinesthetic – Learn by doing, hands-on, experimenting.  (Get them to stand up during training, move around the room, write notes)

One of the benefits of working with an executive coach is we can help you identify how best to help your team obtain greater productivity and faster action.  It also brings to the forefront perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding you back and highlights any blind spots. You can also get the support and confidence to make bold moves and tools to improve your skills (communication, delegation, conflict management, team building, persuasion, etc.)

Some questions to consider:
  • Have you taken the time to evaluate if you really communicate with your employees or are you simply talking at one another?
  • Do you know how members of your team learn the best? Have you taken the time to ask?
  • How do you impact your employees’ so that it affects their interactions and perspectives in a positive, higher level?


If you are struggling with fully engaging your team, call our expert guides at 800-786-4332 or email DHadley@AppliedVisionWorks.com.  It only takes 30 minutes to get started!

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