Client Success Stories




“Before, I felt alone pushing a strategy to 130 people.  Now, through Applied Vision Works, our whole team is now aligned and achieving dramatically more together.”

Jeff Woodlief

Premiere Communications & Consulting, Inc.

Client Since 2012

Rule“Applied Vision Works has been instrumental in sourcing inspiration from once unavailable sources.”

From A 55 Person Leadership Team

Client Since 2015

Rule“AVW kept me from self-destructing this time.  It has really been a journey of self-awareness and a maturing process.  I can do what I could not do before.”

Executive Coaching Client

Client Since 2003

Rule“AVW has given me the tools and confidence to interact and engage with the owner and the leadership team.  I now get the results I need and we know how to make it happen.  This team is the reason for record-breaking results by the plant manager and his employees.”

Leadership Team Member

Client Since 2013

Rule“The time we spent with Don last week was time well spent. I’ve done a lot of strategic planning sessions with other professionals and I have to say what Don was able to accomplish in just a few short hours was really just pure magic. He’s an engaging man and is very smart. I’ve spent days in sessions and we didn’t get nearly as much done.”

Lien Randle

Director, National Contracts/Training & Development
Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.


“AVW is an outside resource that I trust to be honest and upfront, eliminate emotion and tie everything together with a nice bow.  This allows me to be in my comfort zone while executing a better thought out plan of action.”

Kelly Clinard

Clinard Oil Company
Client Since 2004


“Don has helped our company at all levels with team building.  He has a special ability to take what you consider complicated issues and situations and make them easily understood in an orderly and simple fashion.   He easily relates and communicates with people at different levels in our company.  The tools and techniques he has developed over the years have proven to help everyone in our organization.  He has also helped our executive team to understand each other better which has lead to us working better together as a team.  His guidance has especially helped me to be a better leader and person not only in business but also in my personal life.  I would recommend Don Hadley and his group to anyone wanting to improve their company and their employees both professionally and personally.”

John Huffman

Biscuitville/Biscuitville, Inc.


“The Executive Committee sought the expertise of Applied Vision Works for plan development and guidance.  Applied Vision Works has been instrumental in the development of our strategic plan with a 10-year vision; assisted in the hiring of staff members and conducted board orientations.  The entire board of directors gave their unanimous approval of the Success and Transition Plan at a recent board meeting.”

Sue Johnson – Langdon

Executive Director
NC Sweet Potato Commission


“After spending the last 2 days with Joe and his team, I thought you would like to know that your message is getting across.  I saw it while I was with him.  He is involving his team and he is holding them accountable for key deliverables that they understand.  I actually sat in on a meeting where they all individually updated the results for their key SMAART Goals.  This is very different for Joe and his team; I give Joe high marks for his change in management style to push responsibility and accountability down.  In the past Joe made all of the decisions; it was easier and faster to do that – but it didn’t do much for developing his team.  My compliments to you as well.  Your coaching has had a positive impact on our organization.  Thank you!”

Current Client

CEO commenting on AVW’s Executive Coaching
Client Since 2013


“Don Hadley and the team at Applied Vision Works, Inc. have been my business advisers since 1995. We first met when I had only 1 restaurant. AVW has helped me with strategies to help my business grow to 43 restaurants. AVW was  also involved in the strategic leadership development of my team during the last 15 years. Long range planning is Don and AVW’s forte. I appreciate them helping me both in my business growth and in my business planning.”

Carol R. Ferland

Success Management Group (Denny’s)
Client Since 1995


“Applied Vision Works and Don Hadley have provided valuable insight and methodology for the preparation and structure of our strategic plans. Formulating a framework for a sustainable plan which will take our company to the next level.”

Sterrett Lloyd

Draka Elevator/Prysmian Group
Client Since 2011


“Don Hadley and Applied Vision Works, Inc. have helped us pull our people together by creating a synergy integral to our business strategic planning that we have not been able to develop by ourselves. Our management team has integrated into a more closely knit work group by identifying priorities that we have previously not been able to and in so doing, we are establishing these new goals. We have been involved with Don since 2010 and seem to be on track with this process. It is new to everyone and we are pleased with what we have seen.”

David Wilson

East Industries, Inc.
Client Since 2010

Rule“I am task oriented. Because of that Don and his team help me to look at the big picture in a way that I more powerfully guide my people so we are all pulling together, as a team, in the right direction.”

Kirk Clinard

Clinard Oil Company
Client Since 2004


“Don and Applied Vision Works have helped me grow personally and professionally by pushing me to think differently about my business and where I want to go with it. I would recommend Don and his group to anyone who is interested in improving their lives today and into the future.”

Steven Long

President of Service & Residential HVAC
Gastonia Sheet Metal Heating, Air Conditioning & Roofing
Client Since 2006

Rule“I work with Don Hadley for the following reasons: To gain assistance in improving our management skills, to offer better leadership skills to our supervisors and management team, to have a company that will sell itself and continue as a leader in the marketplace, to improve the services that we offer to our clients, to be able to have a business that operates efficiently and still provides a life for me outside of work and to establish a growth plan for our company.”

Ronald Deal

Owner and President
Deal Rite Feeds, Inc.
Client Since 2000


“Don Hadley and the team at Applied Vision Works, Inc. have done a great job helping me and the MAC Panel management team step out of our day-to-day activities. We have worked with Don to grow our perspective and focus on some key metrics that will help us improve and grow our business.”

Anthony Sedberry

Owner and President
MAC Panel Company
Client Since 2003


“AVW has strengthened the core of our vision.  My experiences with them has given me more confidence.   They take the people and organization from where they are, use the needed ingredients and enhance the team.  Don is objective and experienced at working with a broad array of businesses and people.  He knows how to engage and capture the hearts, minds and hands of the team.  I feel that I can bounce ideas off of  him, he is a good sounding board.   He will critique and roll the ball with you so you don’t feel alone, gives suggestions and continually educates and builds diversity in leaders.   He understands and can pull all the threads together and take everything to a higher level.  He helped us balance emotional intelligence with MBA/PhD capabilities.

He listens to the whole and uses our core company and personal values in a way that we become our best.  He is a neutral, accepting, open-minded observer that listens to what we need at that time and delivers on a broad range of topics and needs.”

Sandra Messinger

The Pallet Alliance
Client Since 2007


“We have worked with Don Hadley and his team for many years. He has a rare ability to relate to people at their own level. This was very important to us because we have employees with differing levels of education and sophistication and we wanted all of them to be comfortable with him.

Don has also helped our executive team learn to work together more effectively. We have made tremendous improvement in this area and I submit that without Don’s guidance and leadership we would not be as successful as we are today. He has worked with us individually and as a team and he always helps us to break through the obstacles and reach higher.

Don has the ability to assess the issues with individuals, teams, and companies and offer advice and changes that challenge you to improve. I would encourage anyone who wants to make substantial improvements to their company, to enlist the services of Don Hadley today.”

Jeff L. May

Executive Vice President & CFO
Biscuitville, Inc.


Rule“As our Association has begun considering how we need to operate for the good of our members in the current, challenging economic and social climate, and as we consider the question of re-defining ourselves as so many other businesses have done to thrive and move forward in these times, working with Don and Nick and their team at Applied Vision Works has been of invaluable help and assistance.

With their guidance, we have begun a proactive, intentional process to assess why the association exists, the values to which we are committed, how we need to operate in keeping with those concepts, and then ultimately, we will work on what we need to do to live out that ethos and philosophy.

In my role as Executive Director, Applied Vision Works has helped to push, encourage, and assist me in bringing the strengths I’ve been given into play alongside the rest of the team, and I believe grow as a leader and as a person in the process.”

Jim Pendergrass

Executive Director
North Carolina Plumbing & Mechanical Association

Client Since 2005


Rule“After working with AVW for a few months, I can say that they have had a huge impact on helping us to better organize our business. They have been able to gather all the floating pieces, pull them together and provide us with a direction to go in. We have a clear written Vision and are beginning to support the Vision with job descriptions and processes. They are taking away stress from both me and my employees, and giving us hope for a better business and more enjoyable personal lives.”

John Dietz

Owner and President
J.D. Plumbing & Construction Company


“I have only been working with Don a few months, and he has been able to give me a whole new approach to my vision for the company.  It was like getting a new pair of glasses.  I can already see an improvement in the company.  We are growing even in this challenging market.  I look forward to a long relationship with Don and his team.”

Tommy Brogden

Owner and President
Red Hawk Contracting