Don’t Make Dreams Your Master

Dreams are a tool, in that they can give us a starting point. A discharge of the information collected from that day, likely with some reorganization. In many ways, dreams are just a mental construct of an “ideal” or of “perfection”. If we are waiting for an exact dream with all the answers to act, we may end up seriously disappointed and have a negative view about life.   Additionally, if we keep pushing toward the dream without paying attention to the progress we have made along the way and where we have come from, we may burn ourselves out and everyone around us.

Talking About the Dream

Many people have great dreams, but sometimes those dreams do not come to fruition. The person that had the great dream may still be talking about it, but after a few years, those around them begin to wonder what it is that they are doing that is preventing them from getting to the next level of results to accomplishing their dream. Are they really doing anything different? Is the talk distraction from the real work?

Forgotten the Dream

In other cases, people have been so busy doing that they forget that they ever had the dream. Their lives feel flat and the joy is gone from what they are doing on a day to day basis. They may be outwardly busy, but lack a richness and depth to their life. What is their purpose? Where is the joy?

Frustrated By the Dream

Alternatively, some people accomplish great things, but they are unable to accomplish their ultimate dream. I have a good friend and client who has financially amassed a massive amount of financial wealth, has an incredibly close family and extended family, friendships that are second to none, and influence in the wider community, at a number of levels. Yet some of his “dreams” have not come 100% true. He has spent 30 years being frustrated that he has not yet accomplished the dream. as Tools

Dreams are a point of reference to provide a framework for what we want to accomplish. In many ways, we believe dreams bubble-up from our inner self. They may come from instincts, things we don’t know that we absorbed during childhood or from something genetically hard wired into us. Dreams may come from a combination of factors. In the practical world it may not matter where dreams originate.

Some people we know want to learn to fly and until they go learn, it is an itch that is impossible to scratch any other way. Some dream of writing a book. Others want to travel to Rome. Some want to see their grandchildren graduate from college.

As in the above 3 examples though, dreams can run into problems:
  1. If we are just “talking” about the dream and don’t make progress, we are not achieving.
  2. If we have “forgotten” the dream, we may not be living the life we could be living.
  3. If we are “frustrated by the dream we may not be having fun.

Dreams are a way to get started on the journey and give us a sense of progress. From the dreams, we can set reasonable goals that allow us to feel successful, not just when we reach the destination, but also celebrate and enjoy the progress along the way.

When teams work together, if done right, they build a collective dream or vision. That vision then determines the goals and finally the obstacles to achieving them are discussed. Strategies are built to overcome the obstacles. The output is a plan that monitors progress and course corrects where necessary. A communication plan is put in place that causes dialogue with the company culture and action plans are used to create mutual accountability.

A dream, if done right, becomes a reality. Success would be to follow a dream where the path is clear, you’ve enjoyed the journey along the way, and are motivated to have achievements and relish getting to the destination.

If your team has forgotten the dream, is frustrated or just talking, please contact Candace at or by calling our expert guides at 800-786-4332. We have the tools and the resources to help your organization prepare for all the possibilities. It takes just 30 minutes to get started.

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