Take Time to Assess the Quality of Your Business Meetings

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Meetings can be a powerful tool for your business. If poorly run however, they can be a tremendous waste of time and energy and actually cause more harm than good. There are a few key elements that every meeting should contain to make them worthwhile. As a leader, one of your biggest jobs is to ensure information exchange. Meetings are a huge part of that task. We encourage you to take a closer look at the quality of your meetings. We can help you with an assessment and feedback for how to make them great.

Even when there is good exchange of information, there are no clear actions, no creativity and no difference in behavior after the meeting. Likely your meetings are missing a few key requirements like ground rules, clear agenda, the right attendees, and/or clear actions. Without these elements, achieving progress and success can be difficult. Attendees may leave feeling discouraged and disgruntled rather than excited and driven.

Some questions to consider:
  • Are your meetings productive and necessary?
  • Are actions and behaviors changed as a result of meeting discussions?
  • Do you evaluate the quality of your meetings on a regular basis?

If you’re struggling to have great meetings that leave attendees invigorated ready to take on new challenges, contact our expert guides at 800-786-4332 or email CClemmer@AppliedVisionWorks.com. We’ll send you the Great Meeting Scorecard to get you started.

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