Secrets to Engaging Your Team and Producing Success

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Most of us realize that in order for our organization to realize the potential success we know is possible, a strategic plan must be in place.  Common knowledge, … [Read more...]

Employee Accountability In The Workplace


The mind and heart can envision and feel great things, but so many times there is a disconnect in where we are today vs. where we desire to be. While there are many … [Read more...]

Effective Communication in the Workplace


  A clear, effective communication skill is one of the best attributes a person can develop. It equips you to be successful professionally and personally.  By … [Read more...]

Effective Business Meetings Equal 37 Billion Dollars per Year


And that dollar figure only applies to the United States! While meetings are a necessary activity, at times you may be sitting there wondering when it will be over, if … [Read more...]

The Rule of 44 For Hiring “A” Players

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We believe that hiring “A” players is the most important job within an organization and it can be one of the biggest challenges. To get and keep your top performers, … [Read more...]

Are You Carrying a Lazy Man’s Load?

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  In the day to day operation of a business, at times you may find that there are tasks that need to be done that aren’t complicated but they are necessary. You … [Read more...]

North Carolina Businesses Can Build Buzz and Gain a Strategic Advantage with Foreign Investments


  When you take a look at the front page of the business news in North Carolina, you’ll probably see a common theme. Despite the fact that the state is … [Read more...]

Communicate More Effectively With Your Team By Following “The Platinum Rule”

Do unto others

The Golden Rule is something I hear about quite often: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I grew up with that rule, but over the years, it has … [Read more...]

Emerging Business Trends For 2016


At this time of year we look at the trends emerging for next year and for a few years to come. Here are a few of our observations: We have seen that teams, … [Read more...]

Be a Leader for Change with Transformational Strategies in a Globalized Marketplace


Companies in today’s business environment need to be adaptable. At any given time, a new market and new opportunity can open up, which can make an organization need to … [Read more...]