Make Time for Later Now

Planning for the future right now is critical for organizations to be successful. In a recent meeting, a Leadership Team voiced frustrations that they had “no time to plan, strategize and set goals.”

There is no team, business, couple, or individual that has time to do it all. It is the planning that helps identify what is important, what has priority and if you are all moving in the same direction.

You must make time to make a plan, review your current one and revise if necessary. It is this strategizing and planning that helps you:

  • Verify if progress is being made toward the goals
  • Validates that the goals set are still the right ones for the business
  • Provides opportunities to teach your team how to do better, be better
  • Focuses energy on the most important needs (rather than the tyrannical tactically urgent)
  • Gives others confidence to accompany you on the journey

While we still end the day, the week and the month with stuff to do, at least we end it knowing we did what was most important to us, our team, our business and our family. Providing confidence to your team that you are invested and planning a good future for them and you is the most important piece of setting goals. Think about it this way. Would you get into a vehicle with someone without knowing the destination, without a map, not knowing who else was coming, if there was money to eat, or where you will sleep? Without a good business plan, people will either not take the trip or if they do they may decide to get out of the car when things get tough.

Some questions to consider:
  • Do you have a clear business plan? When is the last time you reviewed it?
  • Is everyone on your team clear on the goals of the company? For them individually?
  • Are you achieving your objectives?

Having a plan that your team has helped formulate is the best way to get everyone moving in the same direction with enthusiasm. It helps you use resources efficiently, manage risk, builds team camaraderie, attracts new good talent and sends a clear message to your team, your clients and your suppliers that you understand the business and you can deliver the results that you have promised.

If your organization needs help making a plan or appropriately revising your current one, contact our expert guides at 800-786-4332 or email It only takes 30 minutes to get started!

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