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In this week’s video blog our expert guide, Don Hadley, discusses how leadership, teamship and cultureship are all interrelated.

As we have worked with organizations developing their leaders, we have discovered that not all leaders are good at creating teams. Strong leaders need the balance of teams in order to continue the growth and success of the organization. We have also found that leaders and teams are not always good at developing the culture of the organization – from national to international organizations.

This is why we have developed a series of principles and program modules for all three aspects of a successful organization.

We encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your leaders great at developing teams and at developing your organization’s culture?
  • Do your leaders and teams know how to work well together, without the leader if necessary, and across the organization?
  • Does your organization purposefully develop all three aspects continually (Leaders, Teams & Culture) to support your overall strategic plan?

If your organization needs help developing your leaders, teams and culture or if you would like our corresponding scorecards to begin evaluating your organization, contact our expert guides by calling 800-786-4332 or email CClemmer@AppliedVisionWorks.com. Your success is in plain sight. It just takes determination and action and only takes 30 minutes to get started!

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