It’s All in the Definition

In working with leaders, teams and cultures, we often find the need to define certain terms. This ensures that everyone is clear on what’s being discussed or decided.

Here are some of our primary definitions:

  • Leadership: The skill of influencing individuals and teams to enthusiastically accomplish common goals, previously thought impossible, with character that inspires excellence.
  • Team: A group of people that enjoy being mutually accountable achieving common goals, impossible to achieve individually, with diversity of skills and similar values.
  • Culture: The beliefs, behaviors, and processes used in every interaction of an organization that allow the organization to become who it chooses to be.  It is made up of everyone the organization touches and influences including suppliers, customers, families of employees, etc.
  • Strategic Plan: A clear destination where short and long term goals are achieved by all employees making the best day-to-day choices when allocating time, energy, and effort.  It is a long term context for driving critical high ROI behaviors and relationships now.
  • Management: The skill of efficiently using existing resources to achieve short and intermediate term goals through solid processes and motivated people.

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