Do You Have a Balanced Focus?

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In this week’s video blog our expert guide, Don Hadley, discusses the importance of focus.

We have found that primarily, leaders that focus more in-depth on business while at work have more success and stronger employees than those leaders that do not have a clear focus on their work, goals, and vision.  When leaders have balance in their focus, not only are they able to have more impact with their team but also have stronger, more in-depth relationships with those around them at work and at home.

With organizations we work with, we see teams that get poor results typically flip-flop their focus.  When they are at home, they are focused on business.  When they are at work, they are focused on being away from their family.

We encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you balance your focus?
  • Are you staying focused on the appropriate topic, forum, and audience (work when at work and family when at home)?
  • What can you do to get your focus back when it slips?

If you are unsure of how to balance your focus both at work and at home, contact our expert guides by calling 800-786-4332 or email  Your success is in plain sight.  It just takes determination and action and only takes 30 minutes to get started!

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