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In this week’s video blog our expert guide, Don Hadley, discusses conflict.  Conflict can occur when people have different values, different information, a history of negative experiences or unclear expectations.  From another perspective, conflict can be affective style, values, cognitive or conative based.  A different point of view is that conflict can be task conflict, process conflict or relationship conflict. Our goal is to better equip you and your team to prevent and resolve these conflicts.

One vital piece that we as guides must teach leaders and teams is to separate the conflict from the person and relationship.  The individuals do not change – the difference of opinion or process is what changes.  If we do not separate the two, relationships will be affected by the conflict.

Three things for you to consider when with conflict both in business and at home:

  • Do you and your employees know the difference between Good Conflict and Bad Conflict?
  • Do you and your team members understand that “No Conflict” can be as dangerous or worse than Good or Bad Conflict?
  • Do you and your team members have the tools to prevent and resolve conflict?

Whether you are business owner, team leader or team member, our expert Guides can help your organization get the tools they need to prevent and resolve conflicts.  We also provide programs on 3 Rs (Recruiting, Retaining, & Retiring) your employees along with other Human Resource tools, Strategic Planning, and Improving Communication.  Our Guides have over 25 years’ experience in building strong and effective Leaders, Teams, and organizations to help you on your journey to success and hone your tools needed to keep all your business and personal relationships strong and healthy.

Your success is in plain sight; it just takes determination and action!  Contact us for your complimentary session by calling 800-786-4332, or email



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